Brand New 10ml E Liquid From Ecigsbuy

Ecigsbuy update several brand new e liquid to the site, we are gathering the e liquid togather to compare the feature of each e cigarette liqiud. And also share some tips about how to use E juice and How to abastain from smoking.

Hangsen E-liquid
Hangsen E-liquid now is very popular at the market. With the high qaultiy and nice appearance, many E smoker enjoy to use Hangsen e liquid. It is with nice flavor and it will be a great partner for your e-cigarette. Our Hangsen e liquid is brand new Hangsen. And have many flavour for choosing. Such as USA Mix Flavor(Marlboro),Tobacco Flavor,Vanilla Flavor,Mint Flavor,Fruit Mix Flavor,Coffee Flavor.

This product is FEELLIFE 10ml Quit Smoking 10ml Benson E-liquid for Electronic Cigarette.It have 4 flavour for choosing. e.g. Apple falvor,Marlboro falvor,Mitn falvor and Tutti fruit flavour.This e liquid is extracted from pure essential oil.Have No second-hand smoke, no tar, no carbon monoxide, no odor.Nicotine Content is 11mg.

This electronic cigarette oil is in new design. It is solid. And it is menthol flavor. High quality, novelty design make it a perfect option for you. 100% brand new and high quality.Have Marlboro falvor,Mint falvor,Tutti fruit flavour for sale.

YiKang E-liquid
This product is The Third Generation YiKang E-liquid 0mg Strength 15ml Smoke Oil for E-Cigarette . This E-liquid fits for all types of electronic cigarettes. It is with nice flavor and without nicotine. It will be a great partner for your e-cigarette.

The simple 10ml Smoking Oil
There is 10ml Smoking Oil E-Cigarette Liquid for All Electronic Cigarettes, Cigars and Pipes in the bottle.This 10ml Smoking oil have many falvour,e.g. Marlboro Flavor,Tobacco Flavor,Mint Flavor,Vanilla-flavor,Coffee Flavor,Apple Flavor,Strawberry Flavor. The most feature of this e liquid is simple and cheap.

How to use this liquid?
Remove your electronic cigarette cartridge, then drip 3~6 drops of the E-liquid into the cartridge or atomizer. After that, cover the atomizer piece with cartridge and wait for the sponge absorb the liquid for a few minutes. At last, enjoy your smoking again!

How to abstain from smoking?
According to the World Health Organization recommendation pertaining to “nicotine replacement therapy”, people should follow the “four-step method to quit”. Smokers could use nicotine cartridge with different nicotine level to gradually reduce the nicotine dependence (high-> medium-> low-> no). Following such way to quit smoking, it could be achieved the goal of quitting without pain.

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