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E Cigarette Liquid is the modern method for smokers to enjoy all the things about smoking that they love whilst taking away those aspects of smoking that all smokers don’t really care for. Ecigsbuy specialise in E-liquid and electronic cigarette devices and spares. Our E liquid has been designed to work perfectly with any electronic cigarette and is supplied in various size bottles, and with different levels of nicotine strengths. Wholesale E-Liquid for ALL E-Cigarettes, Electronic Cigarettes.

product presentation
There is 100ml smoke Oil E-Cigarette Liquid (Cigar Flavor) in the bottle. 100ml E liquid Smoke Juice can be used for all types of electronic cigarette.

Information about Electronic Cigarette
Electronic cigarette has the obvious effect to reduce smoking frequency and thus reaches these three objectives as reducing smoking, replacing smoking and smoking kill.
Electronic cigarette produces no harm of secondhand and smoke and causes no harm on the people environment around; in addition, no lighting is need and no fire hazard exists and it can be used in most public places allowed by law.

How to use this liquid?
Remove your electronic cigarette cartridge, then drip 3~6 drops of the E-liquid into the cartridge or atomizer. After that, cover the atomizer piece with cartridge and wait for the sponge absorb the liquid for a few minutes. At last, enjoy your smoking again!
Refilling atomizer Refilling cartridge

– Keep it away from high temperature environment.
– Keep it away from kids.

Flavor: Marlboro Flavor,Tobacco Flavor,Mint Flavor,Vanilla-flavor,Coffee Flavor,Apple Flavor,Strawberry Flavor
Capacity: 100ml
Weight: 30g

Package Content
1 x 100ml Oil E-Cigarette Liquid

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