How to Order At Ecigsbuy Online Store

Step 1 – Find the e cigarettes products you would like to order
At this step, you can view and choose categories which are sleeping at the left of our site to find the one that you would like quickly.

Step 2 – Create an account and sign in our site

Step 3 – Open the product’s link which you would like to buy, and click “purchase”

Step 4 – You can see it in the Shopping Cart, click “check out” to complete the following steps:

1). Confirm your shipping address

2). Choosing a shipping method

3). Select a payment method for this order(Paypal is being strongly recommend)

(After this three steps, you can see the shipping cost and total cost in the )

At last, click “confirm payment” to process. You will turn to the Paypal payment page and complete the payment.

Once your payment has been confirmed, we will send a Payment Confirmation email and then begin to process your order.

Need more help paying for your order? Just contact us. At last, having a fun shopping!

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