How to refill E liquid to the eGo-W F1 Pen Electronic Cigarette

Here is the one by one steps to refill E liquid to the  Pen Style Electronic Cigarette

The eGo-W F1 Pen Electronic Cigarette, after being the hot sale eGo E cigarette at our site. Many people ask about how to refill the EGO F1 Atomizer. Here, we share the tutorial for all.

Step 1. Screw the eGo-W battery

Step 2: Screw out the eGo-W pen cap from the eGo-w cartomizer shell.

Step 3: Screw and connect the eGo-W battery with the eGo-W F1 clear cartomizer, then will be stand-by state.

Step 4: Take off the eGo-W cartomizer shell, you can find the eGo-W CE4 Atomizer clear cartomizer.

Step 5: Take out one bottle of E liquid and Needle Bottle.

Step 6: Put the needle into the E Liquid bottle and draw the E-liquid inside the Needle Bottle.

Step 7: Fill the E liquid to the eGo-W clear cartomizer.

Step 8: Put the eGo-W cartomizer shell to the eGo-W clear cartomizer again.

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