Introduction of Mechanical Mods

Recently, we find many our buyers enjoy buying Electronic Cigarette Mod, we usually call mechanical mod. Mechanical mods are becoming more and more popular in the market, expecially older E cig user like using mechanical mod. Many years ago, the first electronic cigarette looks like the traditional cigaretts,but in the past 2 years, ego series e cigs which have big vapor prove to be the mainstream product. From 2014,mechanical mod stepped onto the stage and become the popular and best e cig.

What is a mechanical mod?
So let’s introduce the mechanical mod, mechanical mod is a battery body. It is a tube that holds a replaceable rechargeable battery and on the tube is a button that when engaged completes a circuit that delivers unregulated current to the atomizer. A mechanical mod contains no wiring or soldering, nor any electronics. Amost all the mod have big size and can fit with all kids of atomizer.

Why so popuplar?
1. Have different design, looks noble.such as the Transformer Mod, itaste 134 Mechanical Mod, hammer e pipe mod, v max, k200 mod. Transformer Mod can be took apart 8 peice and assemble in different design.
2.Very durable with no easily breakable parts.Electronic cigarettes are also basically a disposable device in that once battery end-of-life has been reached, the battery cannot be replaced,but you just need replace the lithium ion batteries if you use mod.In the long term, use e cig mods could save money.
3. The whole device can be stripped down for cleaning.
4. Can be fit with different Atomizer.
5. Mechanical mods come in all different shapes and sizes, can meet the different requirement.

Is a mechanical mod safe?
No lithium battery powered device is 100% safe given the amount of energy stored in what is a comparatively small battery. Electronic ecigarettes are generally safer than mechanical mods due to their inbuilt safety features that protect against faults such as short circuits. However, good quality mechanical mod equipment in the hands of an experienced person is quite safe.

Some tips for buying
A complete mod kit should contain a mod, a tomizer, a charger, a battery. If you are a new user, we suggest you buy a kit which contain all the part,and you must check the package list when you buy it.some kit may not contain the lithium ion battery or charger. To the older user, we think we neen’t give any advice, they are so smart and have good idea to choose the mod.The expensive mod may not the best one, some new products will more expensive, so choose the suitble one for yourself.

Choose the right type of battery, different mod use different battery, some are using 18350, 18650 or 14500 Rechargeable Dry Battery.Some mechanical mods have a telescopic function. This allows the tube to be adjusted according to the size of the battery you are using by simply twisting the tube in or out. Other mechanical mods are straight tubes designed to accommodate the 18350, 18490, or 18650 batteries.

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