Large Capacity 2200mAh Lava Tube 2.0 3-6V Voltage Adjustable eGo Electronic Cigarette

The eGo E-Cig has proven to be one of the most popular e-cigarettes on the market and for good reason! Traditonal 900mAh,1100mAH,1300mAh eGo electronic cigarette is can’t meet the requirment.

It has phenomenal battery life (2200 mAh), produces exceptional vapor, and has many different atomizer, tank atomizer, and cartomizers that will fit this incredible electronic cigarette. If you are new to vaping or just looking to get started, this is an e-cig that will not disappoint.


product presentation
This product is 2200mAh Lava Tube 2.0 3-6V Voltage Adjustable Electronic Cigarette with 2.8ml E-liquid Capacity Atomizer/LCD Screen-Silvery. The electronic cigarette is not intended to help you quit smoking completely, since it’s just an alternative choice for smoking cigarette when you can’t smoke. With it, you can smoke in public place without pollution, no tar, ash, butts, carbon monoxide, cyanide, lead, arsenic or other carcinogenic substance and it is harmless to others and the environment.

Name of item: 2200mAh eGO E cigarette
Brand: Lava Tube 2.0
LCD screen displaying battery and voltage condition
Adjust voltage(range:3V-6V) by hand, higher voltage, bigger vapor
Packaged with exquisite box
Capacity:2.8ml E-liquid capacity atomizer
Battery capacity:2200mAh
Powered by 1×18650 rechargeable battery(we supply two batteries)
Can smoke in public place without pollution, no tar, ash, butts, carbon monoxide, cyanide, lead, arsenic or other carcinogenic substance
Odorless, tastes similar to tobacco
Harmless to others and the environment
No danger of second-hand smoking
Save 80% smoking cost each year
Easy to use, doesn’t require matches, lighters or ignition
Carved dragon pattern for whole battery appearance
Color:As pictures shown
Two cigeratte holders for replace
Two resistors for replace
Charge Time: about 2-3 hours
Size:18.1cm/7.13inch for whole length and 12.5cm/4.92inch for battery

The EGO series have the battery power protection system, for the first time use, press the switch button five times quickly, the battery will be unlocked, another five time’s press will lock the battery again.

Package inclued
1* Electronic cigarette
1* Charger
2* 18650 batteries
2* Cigarette holder
2* Resistor
1* Package box
1* User manual

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