NEW ARRIVAL E-Liquid In More Flavors With No Nicotine

The most common query on e cig liquid is what is the nicotine strength. Many people want to get zero nicotine contain e liquid for their e cigs to curb your smoking habit.For this, we produce and update a new third generation E cigarette juice.

There are many smokers, who prefer non nicotine e-liquid because it has the same effect of smoking in terms of vapor and appearance, just without the nicotine. Everything about the product remains the same, just no nicotine. But those same customers also like to have flavor choices. That is why we have expanded our e-liquid inventory to include additional flavors in zero nicotine. For those of you who want the none nicotine e-liquid, it now comes in Camel Flavor, Mixed Fruit Flavor, Apple Flavor, Marboro Flavor, Menthol Flavor and Parliament Flavor.

The Feature of this no nicotine liquid
* Product name: Yi Kang 40ml The Third Generation Smoke Oil
* Capacity: 40ml/60ml
* Flavor: Camel Flavor, Mixed Fruit Flavor, Apple Flavor, Marboro Flavor, Menthol Flavor, Parliament Flavor
* Security and more health
* No Nicotine Contain
* Smell Good
* More pure taste

Four-step method for quitting smoking
Step 1: Use the cartridge with 16mg nicotine content for 6 weeks adhering to your normal smoking habits;
Step 2: Use the cartridge with 11mg nicotine content for 12 weeks adhering to your normal smoking habits;
Step 3: Use the cartridge with 6mg nicotine content for 4 weeks adhering to your normal smoking habits;
Step 4: Finally, use the cartridge with 0mg nicotine content for 2 weeks to achieve the goal of smoke abstention.
This four step method works well for whom willing to quit smoking or reduce the nicotine dependence. The actual degree of difficulty and time required for each step may vary in accordance with different individuals.

E-cigs have several advantages over normal tobacco cigarettes. They have no tobacco, no tar, no ash, no passive smoking effects, no stains on fingers, no smell, no hazardous chemicals, no addictive and no nicotine, if it is zero nicotine e-liquid, in them. In addition, they can be used in public places like hospitals and restaurants since no fire or combustion takes place while using them, so no restriction.

The non nicotine electronic cigarettes have additional advantage on electronic cigaretts, so start smoking no nicotine E cigs with this no nicotine E liquid and live a healthy and happy life forever! Just coming to the e cigarette liquid shop to get it.

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