Please Note When You First Contact with The Electronic Cigarette

1 When you receive a new electronic cigarette, take place the new e cigarette refill cartridge on the original empty refill cartridge is the first thing that you should to do.

2. After set the new refill cartridge, you should waiting 1-2 minutes before using and then the purpose is to let the e liquid which inside the refill cartridge penetrate the atomizer.

3. When using, you should be pumping a few mouthfuls of intermittent pause, this can extend the service life of the atomizer, continuous puffed can make atomizer overheating burn out.

4 About charging, the smoke just received the first used no electricity, and then red light is off you can be charged, the charging of the time it was to see the light off and said full.

Please Note:
Usually, the atomizers that come with e cigarette starter kits have an empty cartridge attached to them that is put there for the purpose of protecting the atomizer during shipping. Remove this and throw it away before putting a pre-filled cartridge onto the battery. A pre-filled cartridge has gauze-like material inside of it that has been soaked in e-liquid, whereas an empty cartridge does not have any gauze-like stuffing inside of it.

The using of E liquid:
Remove your electronic cigarette cartridge, then drip 3~6 drops of the E-liquid into the cartridge or atomizer. After that, cover the atomizer piece with cartridge and wait for the sponge absorb the liquid for a few minutes. At last, enjoy your smoking again!

Filling a cartridge, whether it is a pre-filled cartridge or if it is a “blank” is really pretty easy; you simply need to add one drop of e-liquid at a time until the filter becomes saturated. There are only three things to remember here:
1.If after adding a drop, it still looks like gauze, it needs at least one more drop.
2.If after adding a drop, it looks like a little pond, it has one drop too many (not a big deal – it is better to have too much e-liquid than too little).
3.If after adding a drop, it looks like a slushy, it is perfect and ready to be used!

When should I drop more e-liquid?
When the amount of vapor decreases or when it begins to taste like you are “smoking” a sock, it is time to add more e juice to your cartridge.

Wishes majority of smokers can quit smoking successfully!

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