Why smoke E Cigarettes can reduce the cost of living

Most of the e smokers who have the experience of using E cig strongly agree with the point ” E Cig cost less than traditional cigarette and they smoke less after using electronic cigarettes.”

E-cigarettes started off in China in 2003, and rapidly spread around the world in popularity, mainly through the internet, and more recently through shops as well. While they are similar in appearance to tobacco cigarettes, the user consumes fewer toxins in the form of vapor.

Fist, All of us know smoke tobacco cigarette products can lead to gum disease by affecting the attachment of bone and soft tissue to your teeth. Smoker traditonal cigarette will harmful our health,like cigarettes, pipes and cigars do lead to oral health problems. More than 70% of respondents said that e-cigarettes are more healthy than tobacco cigarettes, It is not just words. After so many years, the e cig sellers and the e cig user together witnessed the truth. You will need to see the docotor if you feel uncomfortable. It will takes money. So smoke e cigs can help you stay with a good health.

Second, the electronic cigarettes can help quit smoking. Until now, many user back to our store and said they smoke less than usually after using e cigs, so they believe e cig can help they quit smoke or some less day by day. Quitting smoking is astoundingly difficult: only about 3% stay quit at 6 months without help. Using nicotine replacement therapy increases that to 9%.

Third, Electronic cigarettes are long tube-like devices that look like traditional cigarettes, most of them looks like pens. Most electronic cigarette can be replaceable, while others are throwaway ones, like disposable E Cigarettes. If you use replaceble electronic cigarette, that mean you just need buy one e cig, but which can be used for several months.So is it a good deal?

Here’s what some of the customers said:
I’ll spend $44.95 per month on Vaping compared to $143.00 per month on conventional cigarettes. That would be a saving of $1,176.60 per year!!

less than $27 a month, I save nearly $2000 pounds annually

A cartridge usually lasts two days so that would equal two packs of cigarettes; that equals out to about $12 for cigarettes verse around $2 per cartridge!

About 1 pkt = $9 per week or $468 per year. cigarettes approx $2800 saving at least $2300

Vaping would work out at approx $10 to $12 per week, based on the Cigarettes i smoked that would work out at around $3,600 per year – vaping would work out to $600 per year ( not including extra batteries etc ) therefore a saving of approx $3000.

After all, if you want to try an e cig, you can purchase an ego electronic cigarette starter kit, the ego kit contain all the accessories for using.
If you do not want to go in on an e-cigarette starter kit right from the beginning, keep in mind that we also carry other excellent options for beginners such as best disposable e cig.

We invite you to explore around and consider how electronic cigarettes can save you money over traditional smoking.We are happy to hear more and more customers will come back to tell us they save money after using elecctronic cigarette.

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