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The followings are what really our customers have to say
about our products and services!

Absolutely fantastic! I’m using it as a tool to stop smoking so I set myself a target date of Monday to switch over onto the Sky Cig & it’s now Friday & I haven’t touched a normal cig! I haven’t had any of the withdrawals I have had in the past when trying to quit smoking & haven’t felt emotional at all. I can’t believe how easy the switch has been & can’t wait till the nicotine free cartridges come out so I can ween myself off nicotine altogether! Well done Sky Cig! I have already recommended you to lots of my friends!

 Ivan, Liverpool

great product, been puffin on it for 3 days now and only had the slightest urge to smoke a rollie since! hope i can keep it up. the only problem is the battery doesnt last very long, but all in all an amazing substitute for smoking, much more effective than any NRT therapy! nice!

Larry, Norwich

what helpfull people at sky cig they dont push for an order and advice is great

Thomas Parkinson

the best non tobacco product i have tried. i was a heavy smoker until i tried sky cigarettes. i went from smoking 20 a day to none. i have not had a normal cigarette for 2 weeks now and do not even miss them

hunbun 50

wow. impressed been a hard smoker for 20 + yrs and have tried all manner of methods to give up with no success... 1st day with skycig and very very impressed you gotta try it... no more standing outside in the freezing cold just watch people glare with envy...

Penny. chester 

Lol, I really love it. So cool and so fashion!!!


If you have not tried it , dont knock it. in other words you will not believe how good it is. GO ON GIVE IT A TRY YOU WONT REGRET IT 


Great Product, great quality. Shipping took forever but that was because I didn't pay for expedited shipping.

Olga Martín

it looks lovely.

little E.

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