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Electronic Cig Comparison

For new electronic cigarette user, we recommend you use first the type Ecigsbuy electronic cigarettes which gives you good electronic cigarette experience with very affordable prices.

Comparison with the other brands of electronic cigarettes:
Need an electronic cigarette? You should try out Ecigsbuy ... Using our Ecigsbuy competitive E-cig model, you will not only have the new 2-pieces technology with high smoke volume, but also have the following advantages:

1. Millions of Selections: Using our Ecigsbuy competitive E9 model allows you to take advantage of our millions of selections to meet your personal electronic smoking needs.

2. Lowest Prices:  Using our Ecigsbuy competitive E9 model allows you to save about 60% to 80% for the Starter Kit, Battery, Cartridge, Charger or the Accessory, even including the shipping cost.  

3. Newest Technology:  Don't just looking up the 2-pieces electronic cigarette. The 2-pieces electronic technology has been changed from the first to third generation. Our Ecigsbuy E9 model has been improved with the 3rd generation of micro-chip and micro-switch technology now. The other suppliers are using the outdated generation of the technology which had about 10%-20% defective rate. With our new 3rd generation of micro-chip and micro-switch technology, the defective rate is dropped to only 2-3% now, our Ecigsbuy E9 model is more reliable which has more smoke and is easier to inhale. 

4. Very Special Handling and Manufacturing: After your ordering, we will make by hand immediately, with our special consideration and caring, your special Ecigsbuy product selected from our millions of options, finish your special ordering within just 1-2 business days and deliver to your door within just few business days.

5. Very Fresh Products with Best Quality: You will get your very fresh electronic cigarettes produced just within very few days, not the merchandise which have to be stocked for several weeks even months for selling. Our research reports have shown that when the electronic cigarette products had been stocked for several weeks or months, the probability of deterioration for the cartridge or cartomizer, the e-liquid and the battery had become higher and higher.