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How to Refill E-Liquid

For those of you who prefer to use E-Liquids to refill your existing cartridges or empty cartridges, here are two quick guides on how to refill them.

1. Drip (This method takes time and patience because you have to wait for the filling to be completely saturated)

Things you will need
* Bottle of E-Liquid
* A small Dripper

1) When Cartridge is empty and when one desires to refill it with using E-Liquid, First remove Cartridge from Atomizer.
2) Once Cartridge is removed from Atomizer, use a small pin like object (e.g. Paperclip, toothpick or etc.) and insert into bottom hole of Cartridge and push out internal Liquid Container from inside Cartridge.
3) Now that the Liquid Container has been removed from the Cartridge, place upright.
4) Using your desired E-Liquid, drip 5-8 drops of E-Liquid into Liquid Container or until full. Fill only so much that there is not a puddle, if there is a puddle using a piece of cloth and dap excess.
5) Once the Liquid Container has been refilled insert back into Cartridge body.
6) Push Cartridge back on Atomizer of E-Cigarette and you are ready to vape.


2. Injection

Things you will need
* Bottle of E-Liquid
* Syringe or Injector

1) Take the White Rubber Cap off of the end of the cartridge using tweezer or a small screwdriver.
2) Use your syringe and remove e liquid from your bottle. Then, insert the syringe needle into the middle of your e cig cartridge filler until you are near the bottom of the cartridge. For two-piece Cartomizer, you will want to make sure you avoid damaging the atomizer and insert the syringe needle aiming for the mesh that is inside of the cartomizer tube. Depress your syringe plunger slowly while moving the needle. The goal is to ensure an even fill of your e cig cartridge without overfilling.
3) Replace the Electronic Cigarette cartridge rubber cap.
4) Once the cartridge is filled, cap it for later use or install on your electronic cigarette.
5) Put any left-over e liquid back into your e-liquid bottle. You can also put the cap on the syringe and let it remain in the syringe to top off additional cartridges.
6) Wash your syringe by filling it with fresh water and flushing the syringe several times.

Tips & Warnings
1) When you inhale and have some burnt smell or less smoke, it is the time to refill or replace your Cartridge or Cartomizer. It is better to refill the Cartridge or Cartomizer about 5-6 times total. After that point, the polyester may begin to be damaged and can cause some damage to the atomizer for working well.
2) A completely empty Cartridge takes 0.5ml of E-Liquid to be completely full. Not over fill, overfilling can cause damage to atomizer.

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